Dryads and more – My Tree Folk

Tree of Life and the Earth Mother

I love trees.

They draw me back to them, no matter where else I journey. Often, my Tree Folk take semi-human form. But I see life and spirit in all my friends. Most of my paintings are set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. So drive along Skyline Drive, and you may see some of my Tree Folk watching.

In the over twenty years since I returned to painting, I’ve explored my friends, my guides, my glimpses of the Goddess. I’ve met them in all seasons, in tones from bright and playful to dark and somber. I’ve spoken with them in sunrises and sunsets. I’ve explored the Gloaming with them, and sat with them in the bright, spring mid-day sun.

To me, every tree is the Tree of Life. Every tree connects us with the Goddess, with Fairy lands, with Pagan magic and most important, with the Earth Mother, from which all life springs and to which we all will return.

Tree's branches form a heart against a fiery sunset

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