Summer Solstice – Dive in!

Mandala of women-goddesses at Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice has special meanings for me. 

As a child it meant a big break from school, playing outside with friends, building forts, go carts, tree houses and of course swimming, lots and lots of swimming.

Wild Child

I like to say, ” I grew up in the wilds of Florida! ” For me that meant:

  • Feeling like a wild child who spent hours in the woods, rivers and sinkholes.
  • I was a “latch key kid.” After chores, I was often unsupervised and set free to explore, roam and play in the dirt, trees, waterways and even around quicksand and lots of wild animals. I eventually discovered the wildest of them all were people. Friends and I would do all sorts of adventures and sometimes risky activities. My memories bring me back to times of playing games in the streets, racing bikes and skating. All these occasionally involved injuries which I would not let stop me from the next adventure. 

New Wilds to Discover

As I grew into a young woman this wild nature took on new adventures, like flirting and dating. Summers were filled with even more swimming because this was the best way to meet people that were fun to flirt with. And in my circles at the time was our favorite pastime.

Soon love and romance became important to me and this began to be reflected in my art. Drawing sensual scenes of women and couples was a frequent hobby in class, after school, when I had a crush on someone and even after a broken heart. 

Summer Solstice – Next Generation

These natural rhythms of life often lead to pursuing family, partnering, then children and parenting. I grew and changed after becoming a mother.  Parenting became my central focus and Summer Solstice again became that special time to play and teach my children about nature and life. We spent many days playing and learning together in the sunshine, gardens and woods.

My children taught me how to become a momma bear. To be a strong woman and mother I learned to embrace my womanhood and to truly celebrate it. That’s when I began to combine my love of nature, sensual beauty and strength into my art. The sunshine has always fed me, my soul and my imagination. Now in my Croning years I feel great anticipation about what Summer Solstice and the sunshine will now bring into my creative life.

Summer Images

Flutterby Flowers - Monarch butterflies on sunflowers at Summer Solstice

A favorite summer scene – these “flutterbys” (so much more descriptive and accurate!) circle the sunflowers.

Mandala of women-goddesses worship the summer solstice

Salute to the Sun, a mandala representing women of various races and backgrounds, performing the yogic sun salutation.

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