Drop of Love

Moonlit lake with faces in the tree, looking away

Losing people and going through my grief reminds me again and again of who I want to be and how I want to act, even when I am feeling low.

I want to be a drop of love that ripples out into the lives of people around me. I want them to feel uplifted and inspired. Hopefully I’ll empower them to spread love farther and farther, wider and wider, deeper and deeper until fear, greed and hate are simply displaced and fall away from our cultural expectations. Will it change the world over night? Probably not. Will it make an impact? I believe it will and it does. 

We can be a drop of love!

If you’re reading this still, I ask you to tell someone you love them. Tell them that you’re proud of them. Acknowledge them for something that will uplift them and remind them how great they already are and what a difference they make in the world. Maybe that person is you. Or share drops of love with someone you’re actually upset with, but still see their light. See if you can draw it out and heal something between you.

Maybe sharing our hearts can bring ripples. Ripples that build waves of love. Love that touches and heals every person in the world in ways, tiny or huge, that we’ll never know. 

In my massage practice, I started saying, “I want to transform the world one heart at a time”. 

…I love it when art moves people in a similar way.

Gate of Vision – This strikes me as one of my lonelier pieces. The two faces look opposite ways – connected but apart. It seems somewhat sad, but strangely comforting. The water of emotion – my drops of love – connect the two.

Moonlit lake with faces in the tree, looking away

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