Inspiration in Action – Building a New Year

Happy New Year

A New Year, born out of darkness.

There’s a wisdom in starting the year in the dark of winter – it’s just the time when we need hope, inspiration, light.

What will this year just birthed bring us?

Maybe more important, what will WE bring to this new year?

Here at Art Transforms Life, we’re asking ourselves, what are we creating? Out of infinite possible futures, which ones will we empower, will we strive for this year?

The Year That Was was a rough time for many of us, filled with losses and struggles. Many have been fearful, hurting, angry. 

But FEAR and ANGER only occur in the space of commitment. We are afraid, we are angry because we’re committed to something. Something important is lost or in jeopardy.

The cure for fear and anger is action. But not just any action. It’s getting present to the commitment, the source behind the fear, and taking action that aligns with that promise or need or want.

Our commitment here is inspiration. To provide art and words that stir creativity and joy and hope and that calls for action. We’re striving to find our voice, to share our sense of love and abundance, to make a difference with you, our partners in this journey.

Inspiration in Action

We have two pieces to share this month – very different in content.

Prayer for Peace

This was my response to 9/11. Out of the fear and despair, I wanted to offer hope – for myself as much as for everyone else. The image of an angel, cradling the world in her arms; can you feel her presence? Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine her wrapping her arms around you, promising you safety and comfort, inspiring hope. Now think of friends, family members, strangers, enemies. Picture her holding them, too, with just the same love as she provides to you.

Inspiration in action - Angel holds the earth safe

That is my prayer.

Fire Fairies

On the surface, this seems more a view of Hell than a source of comfort.

This piece arose from a cross-country trip years ago. Driving into California, we found ourselves surrounded by fires. 

Started on that trip, I finished it while tending to my mother in her last days. It was the perfect piece to be working on. “Sitting in the fire,” going through a painful, impossible situation, knowing that nothing would ever be the same. 

What now will grow in this patch of ash-covered land? What will we plant? Highly destructive, fire is also a symbol of passion – the Fires of Commitment. Burning away the old is sometimes required for new growth.

Join the Conversation

And you? What are you committed to? What inspires you to action? That’s not rhetorical, we want to hear from you. Please join us in creating together a New Year!

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