Welcome in the Magic of Fiery Autumn Colors

The Year’s Crescendo

Autumn for me is the Grand Finale of the year. It’s the last hurrah before life goes silent. A visual crescendo of colors – a butterfly spreading its beautiful wings for such a brief moment. Autumn is life preparing for dormancy, for death – the death that is so necessary for rebirth.

Autumn is the invitation and reminder of going within, for sleeping and dreaming. It’s a call to prepare for the long rest needed for the next growing season. The last burst of energy before winter. Squirrels are gathering their acorns. Animals of all sorts looking for their winter shelter. Life is preparing for slowing down.

The Landscape of Autumn

Fall inspires me. Autumn landscapes reminds me of beautiful quilts. All the leaves falling is the ground pulling up its blanket before the long night of winter.

Autumn is coarse. Its textures are rich in depth. It’s so different from the summer greens that cover the mountains without break. Autumn is seed pods and falling branches, shifts in colors.

Virginia’s Fall is Peak

Autumn is when I first came to Virginia. It was and is so different from my origins in Florida. There, Spring is the peak season, the time of richness in color. Here in Virginia, it’s the Fall.

Autumn Explorations

I love exploring this season in my paintings. Although Spring and Summer figure more prominently, there’s nothing so dramatic as the rich colors and swirling leaves of this time of year.

Autumn Dance

Dancing dryads, their limbs reappearing as autumn pulls their flaming foliage down to become the blanket for the earth
The beautiful fiery colors in the trees and on the ground. The branches beginning to come back into view, dancing their journey of transition.

Autumn Blaze

A cool path into the vibrant autumn woods, leading the way to an introspective winter
An invitation to prepare for introspection. The winter calm is not quite here yet, but it’s coming, beckoning. The fiery autumn shades light our way

Peaks of Otter

Peaks of Otter in the Virginia Blue Ridge. Autumn hues bring a full pallet of color to this Virginia treasure
Peaks of Otter remind me of the pyramids, so intense a shape, jumping out of the Earth. Somehow, the contrasting autumn colors just had to be a part of this

Earlysville Oak

Rich gold and yellow colors of the Earlysville Tree - Autumn's fiery shades in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains
I painted this in the months leading into fall. I based the painting on photos from the summer, but the call of the coming season was too strong. Over all the years I’ve been here, every time I pass this tree, I just want to reach out to it, to know it. It’s reminiscent of the live oaks of Florida – my first Tree Loves

3 thoughts on “Welcome in the Magic of Fiery Autumn Colors”

  1. I love this description of autumn, my favorite season. Im ready to curl up with my throw, a cup of teaand a good book.

    1. Thank you, Patience. That is a sweet image of enjoying a good book and a warm cup of tea during these days of autumn. I used to think spring was my favorite season. Perhaps Autumn has gotten more of my attention in recent years.

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