Lighting the Darkness – art to inspire us

Flame Bilyue Sculpted Paper Painting in C'ville Arts Show: Lighting the Darkness-Tree Silhouette on Blue Ridge Mountains

C’ville Arts Features Lighting the Darkness”  During September

I create art not only for beauty and self expression. I also hope and intend to ignite the imagination, and for you to feel inspired and empowered to manifest your own dreams – for yourself or your community.

Flame Bilyue’

Flame is the Featured Artist at C’ville Arts for September. Her show, “Lighting the Darkness” will be up from September 4th through the 30th.

Flame has recently been inspired by the flaming chalice as a symbol of our passion and commitment. In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, the flame itself represents the spirit of helpfulness and sacrifice.

The current times we’re in can certainly feel dark. Flame is drawn to bring lightness to our lives, whether through humor and playfulness or literal light. Many of her works include the sun or moon – illuminating the many things that are dark or scary.

Bringing light to darkness, life often becomes less scary. Empathy grows, as does understanding and compassion for self, others and circumstances.

Flame seeks to appreciate the polarity of darkness and light – they are essential for each other, and essential for our own personal growth as we understand ourselves, our environment and our relationships.

Art from Recycled Paper . . .

Sculpted Paper painting is a process that uses art scraps and other recycled paper to produce three-dimensional art. The paper pulp is shaped and sculpted while being painted with acrylics.  The final outcome is a unique style – textured landscape paintings, masks and jewelry.

Making Sculpted Paper jewelry and art is a fun and beautiful way to help our environment, and reduce, reuse and rethink how we take care of our waste.

About C’ville Arts

C’ville Arts, a cooperative membership gallery of more than sixty local artists and crafters, was established in 1997.  Original works include photography, painting, glass, fiber, clay and pottery, quilling, metals, paper making, jewelry, leather, candles and wood.For additional information, contact Amy Melville at 434-972-9500.  The gallery’s web site is C’ville Arts Cooperative Gallery is located on the historic Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.

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