My life as Artist – an Origin Story

Flame's early drawing of a covered wagon (Age 7)

As I develop the new website, I’ll be posting bits and pieces here first. I’m looking to create a richer, more real conversation about who I am, who you are for me, and, most importantly, how we can make a difference in this crazy, wonderful life we share.

Today starts an exploration of how I got here, an artist with a passion for transformation. One way to look at a life is as a series of stories, some of which point in a clear direction. Today, an origin story, or at least the start of one . . . .

Art as Therapy

Flame Bilyue - Portrait of the artist as a young girl

I was five when my nineteen-year-old sister moved away from Orlando to Boca Raton. It was a hard transition – she was as much of a mother to me as my mother was. The highlight of this, though. was getting to spend a week with her alone a few times a year. She would sign me up for local arts and crafts classes, or even better, sit down with me with clay, crayons, macrame.

It was my earliest introduction to some kind of therapy – a fantasy world, a soothing sanctuary to my chaotic outer world. I fell in love with the power of creation.

My art of this time is about adventure and escape – creating imaginary worlds that I controlled.

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  1. And it was so hard for me, also, to move so far away from you. Your story and picture bring back memories for me of gathering supplies for your visits, to be sure I had enough to support your creativity. I so enjoyed our time together and awed by what that creative time led to for you!

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